Gastronomic space

The open concept kitchen, with a 360º view, ensures a complete culinary experience for the participants.

Espezia is a place of infinite possibilities where you can share the best of local, national and international gastronomy in a unique atmosphere.

In 2015 we began our project with the aim of serving as a gastronomic meeting point for professionals, specialists, chefs, foodies and anyone interested in cooking.

Our activity focuses on connecting with the people who visit us, transmitting our passion for cooking and showing them the possibilities of learning, fun and personal enrichment in the kitchen.

Located in the heart of Merida, just 2 minutes walk from the Plaza de España. Its strategic location allows easy accessibility.

Our aim is to bring the gastronomy of Extremadura closer to our clients through the elaboration of simple recipes using new cooking techniques and the most emblematic products of Extremadura. We offer a wide variety of menus based on seasonal cuisine so that the dishes are of the highest quality.


The privileged location of Espezia, surrounded by Roman monuments, offers the possibility to get to know the Roman culture through its gastronomy with a total immersion through our cuisine of Ancient Rome tasting menu.

Our activities not only offer the possibility of learning how to cook with the best local products, but they also offer a fun time around the stove, preparing recipes, tasting the dishes and enjoying each other’s company.




Presentation of ingredients (origin and properties)

Our team prepares 3 dishes live

Tasting of the prepared dishes accompanied by drinks

Approximately 2 hours

Only for groups of 12-16 people



Presentation of ingredients (origin and properties)

Preparation of the recipes in a collaborative way following the chef’s instructions

Tasting of the prepared dishes accompanied by drinks

Gift apron

Approximately 2 hours

For groups of 2-16 people